Aran Racing was set up in 2005 by Mandy Borja, John O'Hara and Noel Thompson to race in the Asian Formula 3 (AF3) Championship. The name Aran was derived from a group of islands in the west of Ireland.

Noel Thompson: businessman based in Ireland involved in Aviation and Motorsport for the past 20 years. Ex racing driver and now shareholder and Team principal of Aran Racing.

Mandy Borja: Philippine businessman in the industrial sector, who has been involved in motor racing for the past 10 years. He raced karts and Formula Toyota and had a race win in Asian Formula 3. In the last 4 years, he has delivered 3 straight F3 Team championships under his helm. Mandy is a Shareholder and Operation Director of Aran Racing.

John O'Hara: professional racing driver based in the Philippines has been racing for 10 years in Ireland, England and Asia. Raced in Asian Formula 3 for the past two seasons and finished 2nd in 2004 and 2005. John has a wealth of motor racing experience from karts to F3 John is also a shareholder and Director of Driver training of Aran Racing.

* Noel Thompson - Team Principal

* Mandy Borja - Operations Director

* John O'Hara - Director of Driver Training

* Norimitsu Yoshida - Chief Engineer

* Bayani Orbeta - Mechanic

* Freddy Berdos -Mechanic

* James Gabriel - Mechanic

* Ronnie Suya - Mechanic


* Dallara F304 Specification
* Toms Toyota Engines
* PI Research Data Logging